Super Powers and being an Empath

Super powers that are preyed upon! Take an inventory. Current or past relationships. Men or women. Narcissist are both. Are they mad all the time or cause fights with you that are always your fault?? Do they keep trying to reel you in, it’s different, I will change? How many “chances” have you given them? Stop. It can only stop with you. They prey on your giving spirit, they prey on you knowing you want to help them, you want to “fix” whatever is wrong with them. Stop!!!!!!

It stops only with you. Make that decision, make that plan. It only stops with your decision to make it stop. It’s abuse. You see it. Now acknowledge it. Keep moving forward. You can do this.

These are relationships with a significant other, but also with friends, co workers, bosses. Look. Pay attention to how someone makes you feel. If you are an empath, you will know. You will feel it. You feel like you are giving up on them. You are not! You are giving yourself your power back. Walk away. You can’t fix the ones that prey upon your goodness. You can’t fix them. Choose you. Keep moving.


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