How do you see yourself? How do you talk to yourself? How do you let what others think or say about you affect you in your life?

When I was in the middle of the 5th grade we moved. I changed schools. It was traumatic. It was the start of bullying and a self esteem spiral. I cared what everyone thought, or said. It affected me to the core. Took years, many years, to overcome. When my daughters started getting a little of the bullying which also seemed to start in the 5th grade I talked to them. I told them, kids are mean, girls are meaner. I want you to not care what your friends think about your hair, your clothes, your face, your body, your beauty, anything! You feel good about yourself without needing someone else's approval. If they don't like you or what you are about you don't need them. That started a whole other way of thinking. I have 2 strong, self confident girls. That truly don't give a crap about what you or anyone else thinks. That to me is huge. They know how to chose themselves. They know they come first on the "what matters to me" list of things.

How about you? Where are you on that? How do you feel about yourself, your self talk? Do you let the opinion of others matter? Fix that! You matter. What you think matters. How you see yourself matters. Not anyone else.

What does the "what matters to me" list look like to you. Make a list of things you want. Things that matter to you. Things you want to accomplish. How you feel about yourself and what you need to change to make that better. Write it all down. If no one stood in your way, judged you for your actions or thoughts, what would that look like. Do them! Every single one of them! You will grow as a person. Do them. Who cares what other people think about it. Do them. Who cares what people will say. Do them. If you are not breaking the law or harming yourself, or others do them!

You are what matters. Your happiness in life matters. You will see things so differently.

YOU matter! Chose YOU!

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