Rise up....

Some parts of your day may be hard. It is up to you to push through whatever it may be that it making it hard. Another person, circumstances you feel you can't change, whatever it is, YOU have to make the choice to change the outcome of your day. Don't let these things how big or small steal your Joy, your dreams, your mood, your tears. Switch up your thoughts, your self talk, your music, your environment at the time. Do something to switch your mindset. Positive thoughts, no matter how hard will get you back on track and back to bringing the good things back.

I feel like I am being attacked in a couple different ways. Today I could feel it spiraling down. What did I do. I took myself out of it. I changed my mindset. My thoughts, my music, my environment. I went for a run to finish off the afternoon. A run that was 4 miles. I can't tell you the last time I ran 4 miles. Did my mind good. Now my body may be hating me in a few hours!!! LOL! Rise up to whatever you are facing. One of my fave songs to get my mind better, Rise up by Andra Day. You got this! Rise up!!!

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