We are all trying to keep moving forward. No matter what we are facing. Some days are harder than others. Some moments even tougher than that. How can we keep it going forward. No matter what is thrown at us. Make it our own definition.    

Make it YOUR word. Let’s do it!

Move. Simple word.  Simply stated.  What does it mean to you? It all depends on how you say the word too. MOVE! As in get out of the way.  That is how many people see it.     You could say MOVE, and get out of your own way. Hmmmmm, there is something to think about.  Break it down.


What does the M mean to you? Motivate?  Maintain?  Magnificent?  Merciful?   Marvelous? What is your M?

What does the O mean?  Overcome? Opportunity? Obedience? Obtain? What is your O?

What does the V mean?   Valiant?  Virtue? Voice?  Victory?  Vigilant? What is your V?

What about that E?   Excellence?  Effect? Encourage?  Exalted?  Exceed? Engage?  What is your E?

What is your Move? How are you moving forward? Each of us have a different agenda in life and the word can take on a whole new meaning. I want you to find your M.O.V.E.     Make it yours. Define it. Right here, right now. So it means move, as in moving forward, but it also takes on your own individual meaning.

Have a joyuslivin day!

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