Loving Day

Happy Loving Day! The day the supreme court struck down state bans on interracial marriages. That was 53 years ago! I am 52! Let that sink in!

This is Us. We are an interracial couple, we are not married but we are committed and together. We are two people with connection, passion and unconditional love for each other.

We are stared at, we are given looks, that if looks could cut you we would be bleeding to death. We have to survey the room and pay attention to all who are there when we walk into places. We walk into a room and all heads turn, we see the looks, the not so subtle glances. We also see the people who love us for who we are as well, the smiles, the head nods.

I have had to deal with family members who I never knew were extreme racist. So much so I was told to stop seeing him. If I didnt stop seeing him I would lose my job. I would be sending my life into a ditch. My life would be over and no other man would ever want me.

This is happening in 2020, not just 1967. The racism still exists.

After making my choice to love and be loved by this wonderful man I was disowned by my Dad, and that is completely ok. I have made peace with it. I would rather be with people who love me and my man without conditions, without bias and without any regard to what color we are.

We are love, and that is all that matters.

I would love this world to treat us all the same and see no color. It doesn’t. Maybe in my lifetime it will happen.

We, all the people, have to be the change. The change by talking about what we see, what we experience. We need to have compassion because you care about the person, not what color they are.

This is Us.

Two beautiful and caring souls who love each other.

No boundaries, no differences, no color.

Just us, loving each other. ❤️❤️❤️

Happy National Loving Day! Thank you Mildred and Richard Loving for taking a stand and making a difference for everyone who sees love not color.

#Nationallovingday #bethechange #love #interracial #lovehim

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