Finding me.....

I noticed I use to never post pictures of myself. Never ever.

In 2015 that slowly changed. I posted a few. I was figuring out things were not what they seemed.

2016 I saw more of me and feeling I was finding a lost soul.

2017 I FOUND HER and it showed.

2018 she is blossoming

2019 she is healing

2020 she is abundantly manifesting and she is more whole than she ever has been. Seeing her and being able to look in the mirror and say “ I love you” to myself feels sooooo good. It literally moves chills through me when I tell myself that. I now tell her multiple times a day. I love you. You are a beautiful soul who has so much to give! Yes this is me! Wow, has it been a journey!

I love her and so excited to see what greatness lies ahead!

She is not just in love with herself, but also an amazing man and an amazing life. That happens when you find you! When you choose you! When you love you!

Be blessed!

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