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The Joyus Livin' Blog
We all have a story to tell.    

This is my dream | To share these stories, to inspire us all through this connected experience.  With my blog I hope to talk about daily experiences that I may be fighting through and you can relate to.   

My desire is to inspire you to think.  To recognize what may be happening and that it can change and be better.  Move past what is holding you back, move on to the new beginning you have wanted to start and keep moving forward!   Don’t let anything hold you back or stand in your way.  Especially Yourself!   Choose you!   

Speaking Events


Cami is an inspirational speaker whose goal is to inspire you to keep moving no matter what you are going through.  To empower you, to show you the courage and strength you have is already inside you. 

Workshops & Events

I am Workshops, Self esteem and Self love workshops for teens and young adults.  Manifesting your goals to acheive you dreams.  


Cami is available for one on one or group meetings.  Having a background of being in a narcissist/ empath relationship and not just surviving but thriving, Cami is able to relate and help others work through emotional issues.

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