I'm an inspirational speaker, radio guest speaker and author of my first book Watch Me, Watch Me Choose Me.  My goal is to inspire others to live life in a positive and joyus way.  To get you to think different about yourself and choose you!   My goal is to touch lives through my story and change lives because of my story!  To help people from teens to adults to understand how we get to where we are because of how and what we think about ourselves!

Based in Oklahoma City and the mother of two girls, I love spending time with them and traveling on vacation and watching my oldest play softball for Oklahoma State University.

My labor of love!

“How do you escape a prison you don’t know you are in?” That is how I would describe my experience with domestic abuse. You can’t leave until you see yourself in it.  Many of us are in a relationship like this or know someone who is. The reasons they may deny that abuse is happening to them are many.  First, they may not see the abuse happening. Second, they may be scared to come forward. This book is for that person who may be living in an abusive relationship or finally free of one. My hope is for anyone struggling with abuse will see the similarities, so that it will open their eyes to their own prison. 


I am so proud of this book. I hope that it helps other see the abusive situation they may be in, and I hope it helps them find the strength to leave. Domestic abuse is prevalent. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, help is all around. Reach out to friends, to the National Hotline, your local YWCA, or other services in your area for assistance.

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